Fillers - revolution in ha filler market

PEG Technology - NEAUVIA FILLERS are based on a unique crosslinker technology SMART XROSS LINKING TECHNOLOGY (SXT) which is an innovative and advanced technology that combines two different polymers HYALURONIC ACID and PEG - in one network.

SXT gives NEAUVIA PEGylated HA FILLERS outstanding mechanical, rheological and thermodynamic properties*/**/***/****.

Take PEG Revolution Further - Thanks to PEG, NEAUVIA PEGylated HA FILLERS are notably much more resistant to the heat****, that makes NEAUVIA Holistic Approach possible.

Indeed, #Nlift and #Nrose sequences of treatments – including fillers, Energy Based Devices and Cosmeceuticals – demonstrate a clinically proven synergistic effect, leading to amplified rejuvenation outcomes.*****

Discover more about #Nlift and #Nrose.

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**** Nicola Zerbinati, Hassan Ibrahim Galadari, Paweł Kubik, Sergey Ivanov, Neauvia Symposium - Holistic approach in treating mid-face. Neauvia Smart Combination Therapy (SCT) - IMCAS Paris 2020.

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